Bed and breakfast Huize Boschoord

The history of Huize Boschoord


Huize Boschoord is a historic bed & breakfast for special overnight stays, and has a rich history that dates back a few centuries.

Huize Boschoord was built in 1871 as a Villa for summer and winter residence commissioned by mayor Bernard van Welderen Baron Rengers (1868-1896).  He was a full cousin of Mr. F.J.J. van Eysinga, owner of the surrounding estate.

At the beginning of 1900 he bought the house of his cousin Baron Rengers. Until 1968 the house was used as a country house. In 1910 a number of adjustments were made, a nice detail is the center window in the living room: this used to be a blind window. You can still see that the size of this window is slightly different.

A billiard room was also built on the north side in 1910. In 1968 Pastor Jhr. Cees van Eysinga with his wife Baroness of Harinxsma Thoe Slooten and children the house, again adjustments were made: the billiard room was now converted into kitchen and utility room.

Historical bed and breakfast Huize Boschoord
The dining room of Historical bed and breakfast Huize Boschoord

The so-called reception suite (now the dining room) on the north side with the original fireplace from 1871, has a fireplace piece that was installed in 1931. This is a children’s portrait of Jhr. W.J.M. He is the grandfather of the current owner Jhr mr. Tjalling van Eysinga.

The dining room at the rear is always used as such. This has a fireplace from 1806 that originally came from the Eysingahuis in Leeuwarden. The fireplace was installed in the house in 1968. This fireplace is depicted in the family portrait that is currently on loan to the Eysingahuis. This for the benefit of the restored living area of ​​the builder of this city palace Jhr. F.J.J. van Eysinga (1752-1882), he was ‘grientman’ (representative). His entire family with in-laws is depicted in this portrait.

A number of the noble family portraits have remained in the house. You can view part of the collection in the Fries Museum.

When you visit the bathroom in the basement you will see a red copper sink there. This sink was donated to Jhr. F.J.J. van Eysinga as thanks for draining the Eysinga polder. The house is part of the estate and is still privately owned. The current owner Jhr. Tjalling takes care of it.


Bed & breakfast Huize Boschoord is surrounded by a beautiful garden
Historical Bed and breakfast Huize Boschoord
Erfgoed logies en historisch overnachten
Portraits of the Noble Family
The red copper sink in Huize Boschoord
The original fireplace from 1871
Children's portrait of Jhr. mr. W.J.M hanging above the fireplace from 1806 in the reception suite
Family crest painted on tiles in the hall on the first floor
Salon of bed & breakfast Huize Boschoord decorated in the original style with antique furniture and portraits of the ancestors
A painted antique wooden stove
Decorated fountain with two red painted children's seats in the hall on the first floor
Portrait of ancestor of the noble family

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